Multi-Tasking … Issa MYTH … It’s lowering your productivity …

If you are like me, you PRIDE yourself on your ability to multi-task. 
If you are like the me I used to be, you fly in the face of convention, certain that your way works FOR YOU. Until you think for a second, what if my way works but there is a BETTER way that works even MORE!
It’s like when I would read all the research about waking up early AND exercising and how correlated they are to success… I would say, well I will be the person succeeding without the exercise … then I said, well if I am succeeding now without exercise and early rising… I wonder how much MORE I could be succeeding if I accepted the science of the human brain and productivity research … the FACTS are that people who exercise are happier, more energetic and therefore more productive. 
Well I accepted that 8 years ago. It’s been a game changer.
And today my friends, as the fearless leader of the Goal Accelerators I am forced to acknowledge, believe AND change because MULTI TASKING DOES NOT WORK!!! AAAH it hurts to even say it – man I am good at it! ! !How will I let go I think to myself? 
Well… sheer discipline. The same discipline I use to exercise. One day at a time, one moment at a time, keeping in mind my WHY. But first, I had to believe.

See I had always heard that multi tasking didn’t work – I happily ignored those articles as I multi-tasked successfully. As I got deeper into productivity research for the Goal Accelerator Club I started to read about how multitasking LOWERS PRODUCTIVITY! It affects memory.

I had to sit up and pay attention – see your brain is simply NOT designed to handle dissimilar tasks simultaneously – AND it takes 25 minutes to get back into flow once you have switched gears to “multi task”.
I noticed that my memory has deteriorated so much – I can’t remember even the smallest things and when I track it. it’s because when you told me that I was doing something else, I answered and all but I was still doing something else. I can’t remember if I closed the gate because I was closing the garage same time. I can’t remember that money you gave me because I was on the phone while you gave it to me. No man it was leading to anxiety and I even started to feel a little crazy!!

Now that I know what multi tasking ACTUALLY does, I am absolutely more determined than ever to spread the truth!

“The biggest instigator of multitasking mayhem? Our inboxes. Some studies have shown that even the opportunity to multitask, such as knowledge of an unread email in your inbox, can reduce your effective IQ by 10 points! The constant thrill of a new bolded email in our inbox keeps us ever-distracted. A McKinsey Global Institute Study found that employees spend 28 percent of their workweek checking emails.”

Multitasking is Killing Your Brain, by Larry Kim (HUFFPOST)


My WHY for getting more productive is FREEDOM – time freedom, to spend on my relationships with friends, family and ME. I want my goals and success but I’m NOT sacrificing my relationships, self or sanity – and I do NOT want to be on the go ALL the time! So when something legitimately threatens my productivity you KNOW I am going to respond!! And respond I have. 

Join me in exposing this MYTH (forward this email to a friend) – form an ANTI MULTITASKING group at work … let’s even do a NO MORE MULTITASKING challenge! Our productivity AND mental health AND BRAINS depend on it!
So, my friends, I am sharing 3 articles that forced me to accept the FACTs. I am now in multi-tasking WITHDRAWAL and I urge you to join me!! 

  1. Multitasking is Killing your Brain (HUFF POST)
  2. Multitasking Damages your Brain and Your Career (FORBES)
  3. The Science is Clear: Why Multitasking does not work (Cleveland Clinic)

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