On Life … 

I believe in a world of #infinite #abundance #aWorldofYes … it doesn’t mean that I don’t fail and have setbacks and bad days and moods but when the answer is NO I believe in taking the lesson in anticipation of the yes around the corner!!! I believe in being grateful. I believe in setting priorities and organizing my time accordingly. I believe that time shows love. When something bad happens giving myself a finite time to feel sorry for myself and experience the strange payoff of being the victim … then praying, shaking it off and looking for the opportunity in the midst of the crisis. I believe in feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I believe in prayer. I believe in rest. I believe in staying in action and having faith that it will all work out. 2016 has been AMAZING I declared at the beginning of this year that it would be my best year yet and it has been!!! I’m making the same BOLD declaration about 2017. Everything hasn’t been perfect but life never is. I’m not postponing my happiness or my joy. Right now is the time to celebrate who you are now, where you are now, who you have now, what you have now … even as you agitate for more and aim ever higher. 

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  • Ronelle

    I can really relate to this post, it has helped me to reaffirm my choice to always maintain positivity. Now I’m going to share it!!