Tuning Into Your Purpose … or Purposes?

This is an excerpt from my e-Book called Make it Count  to be published at the end of November.

One of the central questions of our lives … the question we live to answer and when we live the answer to that question we live fulfilled. Why am I here?

For me, the quest to tap into my purpose continues to involve prayer and paying attention to the things I just love to do, that set me on fire and get me excited, and considering how those things can be used in the service of my family, friends, community and the world. So, be curious! We may actually not find things that interest us because we don’t try enough things. Perhaps there isn’t one big, specific passion that is out there waiting to be discovered – perhaps there are many separate things that we may derive fulfillment from on their own and together they set us on fire. Make time (because let’s face it, there never really is time, so you have to carve it out) to try things, spend time on hobbies and pursuits that may be outside of the 9-5. That’s where I think so much joy and fulfillment may lie, where we tune into ourselves and our perhaps multiple purposes. So, make a plan, then work it – before 2016 is done.


Roll into 2017 with purpose.


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